June 20, 2016

Summarized Chinese History

I'm a History major, and I did this reviewer when I was taking up East Asian History. I don't want this to go to waste so why not post it online? I just thought this would come in handy to those wanting a summary. If you have any questions, please comment below.

Chinese dynasties:
1. Xia (2205-1575 BC)
-not considered as the 1st dynasty by most people because there was no system of record and writing
- believed as an urban legend
2. Shang (1570 - 1045 BC) -Beijing city
-ruled areas in the Yellow River (Huang Ho)
-Bronze Age (honoured bronze higher than silver
-barbaric sacrifices
-addicted to hunting and warfare
3. Zhou (1045- 256 BC) -Xian City
-longest ruling dynasty
-1st used the Mandate of Heaven to justify their rule {what the Chinese believed gave their rulers right to be emperor}
-developed new weapons
-psychological warfare
-feudal system based on Confucius
-7 states battled for supremacy
-Jade represented their noble ranks
4. Qin (221-206BC)
-Shi Huangdi became emperor (1st emperor of China; died in 210 BC)
-beginning of the Great Wall of China
-roads and canals were built (most resourceful)
-feudal system was eliminated
-created the monetary system
-history and poems were destroyed (because Shi Huangdi wanted to recreate China in his reign)
-destroyed 2/3 of enemy's population
-Terracotta Warriors
   4.1.1 The Great Wall of China
          -thousands of men exposed to fatigue
           -monument of dynastic might
           -warning to the outside that China is united
* 15 years of chaos after Shi Huangdi's death
5. Han (206 - 220 AD)
-Wu Di (5th emperor)
-established the civil service to create a strong and organized government
-papers and porcelain were invented
-embraced Confucianism, poetry, and literature
- Silk was the choice of fashion (imported silk to other nations like Persia, Baghdad, and Rome)

6. Six Dynasties (222-581 AD)
-China wasn't united under one ruler
7. Sui (5890618 AD)
-united China under one rule
-expanded the Great Wall and built Grand Canal
8. Tang (618-907 AD)
-peace and prosperity
-Golden Age
-Capital: Chang'an
9. Five Dynasties (907-960 AD)
-peasant rebellion takes down Tang
10. Song (960-1279 AD)
-reunited under the dynasty
-China became world leader in science and tech., including inventions: gunpowder and compass
11. Yuan (1279-1368)
-After Mongols defeated the Song, Kublai Khan, a Mongol leader, established this power
12. Ming (1368-1644)
-finished the Great Wall and the Forbidden City
-came to power by overthrowing the Mongols
13. Qing/ Manchu (1644-1912)
-last dynasty
-period of prosperity
-middle of this era, there were natural disasters, rebellions, invasions, and inept ruling courts
-Henry Pu Yi was the last emperor of China

The Advent of Europeans
1. Portuguese
-spread the knowledge of Western sciences among Chinese scholars
-Confucian scholars began to oppose the spread of Christianity
2. Spaniards
-Canton Trade
3. Dutch
-settled in Taiwan in1660s
-improve their relations with the Manchu government which came to power subsequently
4. British
-made an attempt to trade with the Chinese at Canton but failed
-led to the Opium War
-1685, Chinese opened port of Canton for trade and issued the necessary licence to European trading & British East India Co.
-Hoppo (Chinese Imperial Commissioner at Canton) allowed British to set up a permanent factory at Canton
5. French
-came in the Opium War 2
-Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte saw an opportunity to declare war in China
-Anglo-French Expedition

June 18, 2016

Colorful is the new black

I've always been the kind that just wears simple colors like black or white, but this time, I've decided to crank it up a notch. I seriously love maxi dresses! If I had the choice, I'd wear one everyday. This is the shoot I did for the event Global Youth Festival, powered by AIESEC UST. SInce it was a summer themed event, why not bring color in the shoot? 

Since this is a strapless dress, I paired it with my pastel necklace that compliments the color of turquoise. Same goes to the bracelet. But know when to hold bacl with the colors. Once you've had more than 2 colorful pieces, add some subtle colors to have contrast. Paired it with nude heels with a hint of hot pink strap to it. And it's not summer if you don't have a pair of nice sunglasses! 

Dress from Forever 21, Heels from Forever 21, Necklace from Girlshoppe, Bracelet from a vintage store, and Sunglasses from Sunnies Studios.

Photos by Dave Arangat

March 9, 2016

Global Youth Festival 2016

Summer is getting closer, the sun is getting warmer, and Global Youth Festival 2016 is just around the corner! Powered by AIESEC UST, this 2-day festival will happen on April 1-2, 2016 at the Tan Yan Kee parking lot!

Celebrate & have the time of your life under the sun with different booths, activities, and talks all focused on YOUth!
Unleash your leadership potential and be a global citizen with these days filled with fun, laughter, music, and learning!

This is open for Thomasians and non-Thomasians! So invite your friends and experience this adventure on a whole other level! Travel the world in just a day and make it with a purpose. Make sure to drop by AIESEC UST's 2-day festival! I am urging you guys to come and have fun!
Make new memories and make it worthwhile.

For more details, like our page: facebook.com/USTGYF2016
Follow us on twitter: @USTGYF2016
See you guys there!
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