October 16, 2013

That's my baseball cap!

If we are close, you would know that I love sports. I was inspired with that athlete look, but of course I put a dainty effect on it. This is casual yet comfortable. 
I had a hard time thinking of a title for this post. I think it took me like
30 minutes just thinking of it. At that moment, I was watching Showtime, and the segment was That's my tomboy. I got it from that, I just replaced "Tomboy." I know it's a bit corny, but I like it. Haha!

So that day, it was one of my best friend's birthday. She turned 18 that day! So my other best friends and I planned to surprise her early in the morning. When we went in the room, everyone was so cheerful! Her face was priceless when we surprised her!
If you really know me, you'd know my "girly-tomboy". I like girly things, such as: fashion, shopping, dancing, etc! On the other hand, I like boyish things as well, like : sports, video games, boxing. In my sporty look, I have to put pink somewhere! I like the androgynous effect. I also got new sneakers, and neon pink shoe laces! I bought the shoe laces in St. Francis Square, Ortigas for P40!

I'm a fan of Victoria's Secret and their products. I saw a crop top with LOVE PINK written on it, and I placed it in my shopping basket. I didn't buy this in the Victoria's Secret boutique, I bought it in Surplus. I paired it with a simple denim shorts.
I know this baseball cap is a bit old school, but it keeps me away from harmful UV Rays. If you match it with the right outfit, you'll look spectacular. Plus, it's pink. I love pink. 
Make sure you take a break from the cap once in a while. I wore that cap the whole day, and I ended up being dizzy. The heat makes my head....floofy

Victoria's Secret crop top, Next shorts, Folded & Hung bag, Converse All-Star sneakers, unknown baseball cap

Photos by Maoe Pupos

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