July 8, 2013

Always check your e-mail

In 2012, I saw this e-mail from AVA. They said they were looking for models to walk in the biggest fashion show ever to be in the World's Book of Records. So why wouldn't I?

I sent it photos and my information. After like 2 days, I haven't got the email yet to clarify that I am walking that show. I didn't get anything, so I just forgot about it. Then when it was 2013, I checked my email again and found this.

I was so devastated that I didn't see that e-mail. If I did,I would've walked down that runway. I was so pissed off  at myself cause I've been dreaming to model my whole life and this happened?
So lesson learned. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR E-MAIL!!!!
Everything happens for a reason. Maybe it was God's way of saying that I wasn't ready just yet.  I accept my past. Keep moving forward. :)


samantha said...

hi, tiarra si sam to. your instagram led me here. hahaha. I like what you wrote and had fun reading it. :-) I do also dont read much or ever have read most of my emails. hehehe and you know, maybe it was Really God's way of saying that you're not ready yet, but worry not, there'll be more greater things in future :-) just keep holding on to the Word of God :) God bless you! hope you had day! :) xoxo Sam

Tiarra De Soto said...

awww thanks Sam!!! Thanks for being the first one to comment on my blog. Hahaha!!! Hopefully next time I won't make the same mistake.:p