August 27, 2013

Punk Rocker

I'm not the girl next door who listens to cheesy love songs. I'm the type of girl who listens to rock songs and live life while she still can. 
I have always been a fan of the punk rock look. It's very classy and cool at the same time.
The photo shoot with my friend was all so fun! We had a professional camera and started goofing around. We wanted to have an edgy look that day. It was funny that we had pieces in our outfit that has leather.

I love this shot because it's totally me! I'm such a crazy person. I'm here showing off the British flag tank top where you can find in Greenhills actually. 
Wearing ordinary jeans with ankle booties doesn't look good. So make sure that you own at least a pair of jeggings. It is tight fitting and makes your legs look long and lean.

I wasn't ready for this shot but it turned out awesome. Candid, the way I like it.
Walking in a village wearing high ain't easy! Good thing my house was just nearby. 

This was just goofing around with my friend Patricia.

Cache Cache leather jacket, Girlshoppe top, Charlotte Russe ankle boots, Raybands


Nettie said...

Love the jacket!!

Tiarra De Soto said...

Hehe thank you Nettie! :)