August 4, 2013

Julia Barretto inspired

It's a typical Sunday afternoon...I have nothing to do as usual. When I'm bored,I usually...

1. raid my closet or my sister's and match the pieces I find.
2. put on high heels and walk around
3. twitter
4. play with make up

Today, I played with make up. I was inspired by Julia Barretto's make up. It's very fresh and eye catching, so I decided to have a Julia Barretto make up inspired post.

What I did is I placed Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser first to be a primer. Then I placed Maybelline B.B White Cream over to be like a foundation and concealer at the same time. I applied concealer over my blemishes like under eye circles and acne scars. After that, I applied baby powder over, just baby powder to have that smooth and glowing skin going on. The basics are done.

Now the eyebrows! Eyebrow make up is the only make up I won't leave at home. The eyebrows highlights the beautiful eyes your mama gave you. Apply the eyebrow make up 3 shades lighter than your actual hair color to give a more fresh face. Then, put a fawn color ,like beige, over your entire eyelids.

Then get a brown color to fill up your crease line to make your eyes look deep set. After that blend your eyelids with a blending brush to even out the colors.

Next step is the eyeliner! Apply liquid eyeliner on top of your lash line and make ONLY little wings. After the liquid liner,get a pencil liner for under your eyes. Just apply it like you're tracing something. Your eyes is a blank canvas,so make it artistic. 
Curl your eyelash with an eyelash curler then apply the mascara! Apply it upper and lower.

 The eyes are done! Let's move on to contouring. In the photograph, my nose, eyebrows and my cheekbones are contoured. On the eyebrows, I only used concealer. I applied it under my eyebrows then I spread it with a make up tool. On my nose, I used light brown to create a shadow on the nose. I brushed it upwards then I connected the contour to my brows. On my cheekbones, I used a Kabuki brush and I patted it on a brown color palette. Then I brushed it under my cheekbones or my "apples."

After all the contouring, I applied bronzer to give a glowing tan effect on my face. I brushed the bronzer along my: T-zone, my cheeks, my jawline, my chin, my temples, and my neck. 

For the easiest part, apply lipstick. It could be any color of your choice. I used pink because it's the color of femininity.

These are natural dimples so I don't need to contour them. As for my hair, I didn't do much. I only clipped on hair extensions. That's it! 

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