September 29, 2013

My DLSU-CET Experience

De La Salle University has been my dream school ever since I was in the 5th grade. I took DLSU-CET seriously. I was scheduled on September 29, 2013; 2pm-6pm. I kinda hoped that I was in the AM session. I took the LRT in order to go to DLSU.

I got in my room, (LS Building, 1st floor), it was so freakin freezing! If you're going to take the second batch of the DLSU-CET, please bring a jacket. The test booklets was all ready placed on top of the tables, it was thick.
I opened the booklet, then I just died for 3.5 seconds. The first part was so mixed up! There was math, science, english, and abstract reasoning. All in that 1st part! Just make sure you study geometry, physics, chemistry, and algebra. There was also reading comprehension. The last part was super fun! A personality test appeared! Questions like "Why did you choose your desired course?" Things like that. English was easy. Just see if there's an error in the sentence. There's no essay, so no need to be nervous about it. :)

I warn you guys that DLSU-CET was so much harder than ACET for me. Plus, the exam is also time-pressured. So better work quick! :)

Did you know what happened to me at the exam? I skipped the whole first page of math! When I finished the math area, I double-checked. I was so shocked that I skipped the entire first page, and I had 10 minutes left! So it's Do or Die. At first, I didn't know what to do, because clock was ticking! Different things were going on in my mind that time. I thought if I should cry or scream or hyperventilate. But with God's kindness, He helped me through it. I crammed in those 10 minutes! I had some intelligent guesses, but I am still pretty worried. Worst of all.... I swallowed gum during the exam. -_- My seatmates were staring at me, and I was choking.

For future DLSU-CET takers! Please...
-study geometry, physics, chemistry, and algebra.
-pray hard
-have faith
-don't be nervous
-eat a heavy meal
-bring a jacket


                                                        Photo source: Google


Anonymous said...

I'm taking my DLSU Special Examination this week. I'm really nervous right now. Haha I just want to know if you passed the exam? :-)

Patricia Ann Tamba said...

I'm also gonna take mine this April 12, 2015, but it's not the special exam that I will be taking, it's the reconsideration test.