January 10, 2014

City Girl

We all need a good change in our lives, and my main focus is to just be happy with what I have. This 2014, I am going to graduate high school and enter the world of college.

Of course, it's a bit scary, but we need to be pushed out of our comfort zone. Change is good. I know what I just said is not related to this outfit post, but I just want to write it down.

I've always been a fan of the feminine with an edge look.  (Talk about bipolar) Too much of everything is tiring. It's fun to mix up your style choices once in a while. Don't be afraid to be daring! Be bold of your outfit choices. And also be daring with your hair. I curled my hair to be like Carrie Bradshaw's, but it somehow got deflated when I was waiting for a cab. Hair is also important to an amazing outfit, trust me. It's the crown of a woman. It makes them feel majestic.
      (closer look)

Not a big fan of studs, but this looks awesome on my leather jacket.

                                                                                           High Heels = High Hopes 
I matched my studded leather jacket with a spiked wedge. It gives more edge.

Divided dress, Terranova leather jacket, Forever 21 wedge

Photos by :Rikah Go

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Karla Bathrick said...

absolutely amazing outfit, you look so great!
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