January 3, 2014

High Street

I've always wanted a pedestrian lane shot, and now I have one! I was at The Fort, one of my favorite places in the Philippines! Happy New Year guys!!! I thought this January would be cold, but the sun was beaming with heat. 

I love dressing up fancy! Black and white are the perfect examples of sophisticated colors. Of course, I added gold touches, such as : belt, bag, and watch. 
I am a HUGE fan of Kim Jones, and this was also inspired by one of her outfits. But I did change it up a little. For me, the shoulders are one of the sexiest features on a woman. Why not show it off with a haltered top? It does not show off much skin (which is good), it just emphasize on the shoulder area. But do remember to push your shoulders back to show off another sexy asset of a woman- good posture.

I call this the mini mermaid skirt. It's not one of those mainstream pieces, like skater skirts. When I saw this, I found it unusual yet beautiful. I placed the belt on top so it could give an illusion that would make my body look like an hourglass figure.

As cliché as it sounds, Paris is one of the cities I badly want to visit; so I brought Paris with me! With my whole outfit of black, white, and gold; I placed a hint of red with an Eiffel Tower figure. "In accessorizing, always lose the last thing you put on," are the wise words from Coco Chanel. I planned to wear a hat with this, and I remembered that phrase...So I took it off! It looked a lot better without the hat. The shoes and the purse were the right choice. I didn't carry a lot of things, and I walked the whole day.

Individed white haltered top, Charlotte Russe mini mermaid skirt, Amanda Smith purse, Shoe Salon sling back wedges, Tomato watch, unknown belt and bracelet

Photos by: my mom!!!

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