February 1, 2014

Colors in the Wind

Rainbow Lady

Your Aunt Robin


Autumn Passion

Night and Owl

Stars in our Eyes

Different Crocodile

Other Side of Me

One of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life is art. I always look for paintings and art of any kind, old or new. As I put together an outfit, I always add colorful things, that was inspired by art. I am also a member of this art website called Deviant Art, and while I was scrolling down the website, I saw these paintings by Sabina Sykorova. An artist from the beautiful country, Czech Republic. I was deeply astonished when I saw her art works! She used watercolors and gel pens to complete her magnificent paintings. The way that the colors splattered and united at the same time is such a very beautiful thing to see. Sabina's paintings are well-detailed and it's like the paintings are piercing through my soul with a paintbrush. There is so much passion and talent in her works that I had to share it. 

I've decided to post more about art! It's a beautiful thing, and it needs to be shared. 

To the artist:
Ahoj Sabina! I am so glad I came across your paintings! These are so beautiful and keep expressing yourself with art. So glad to post about this and hopefully in the future I'll get to post more of your works! God Bless always!

See her online gallery at Deviant Art or Facebook.

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