April 1, 2014

Spice up your summer!

Summer is finally here! And some of us have just graduated! Congratulations! We've all been waiting for break after all the endless term papers and tests you have to review. Now, it's summer break and
 it's time to relax! Here in the Philippines, summer is like being inside an oven, it's so hot! Sometimes we need to just wear a tank top and shorts, but I'm here to make the summer look classy.

Hashtag fierce. HAHA lol just kidding. My friend and I were kidding around when we were shooting, and I thought it would be fun if I did a serious face. I don't hate it! This season, I'm bringing back mullet skirts, AKA the high-low skirts. I got my skirt in floral; It would be flat if I just got a plain pastel color. It gives a Spanish essence because of the roses print. 

Everything matches with black, and I mean everything! It's really hot, so why not a tank top? And then I put on a belt to emphasize the hourglass figure. The belt with the gold buckle (seen on my previous post), and to match it, a gold clutch!

To be honest, I'm bored with my break. I've been in the blogging hiatus because of school things, but now I have graduated! Meaning, I'm back on the blogging radar. 

And of course, gold shoes! This was the pair I wore on my prom night. I love how the design of the shoes was inspired by Ancient Greece, it's what the Greek goddesses wore up in Mount Olympus. (just kidding!)  It's very versatile; it can be worn on formal events and casual days. It's comfortable, too. Don't waste your time wearing uncomfortable pairs of shoes; even if it's cute, comfort is much more important. Choose your shoes wisely, because they are investments!

Forever 21 tank top, St. Francis Square mullet skirt (not a brand), unknown belt, Venus heels, Alberto Sumague clutch

Photos by Patricia Tavarez


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