June 29, 2014

Maria Mercedes

 (scanned only)

Here is the "BTS" or Behind-The-Scenes. 

Photos are here! Actually it arrived 2 months ago. These are my creative shots for my high school graduation. My theme was Maria Mercedes, the show Jessy Mendiola was in. I've always been a fan of this show. The character "Mercedes" reminds me of myself. She's really boyish and really aggresive; then she became the most lady-like woman and one of the most succesful businesswoman in the Philippines. I'm not yet a business woman but I'm getting there! But the original Maria  Mercedes was Thalia. I am really into the color red, it's my all time favorite color. Red is the color of desire, it's a proven fact. 
I wore a red gown with red stilettos with red lips and a red rose. My whole wardrobe is red. I just love photoshoots! I'll do a make-up tutorial next time on this. 

Jessy Mendiola "Philipine Maria Mercedes"

Thalia "original Maria Mercedes"

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