August 5, 2014

College life: part 1

Finally entered the college life, and I've got to say, it's so fun! You know back in high school, you use to say "Man, I want to experience the college life already." or "I want to graduate!" All those kinds of stuff is perfectly normal. 
So these are my classmates (gorgeous, right?) They are really cool and really fun to hang out with.

(once again; photobombing!)

Left to right: Erielle, Bernice, John, and Charles

We just wanted to have an impromptu photoshoot; with our PE uniforms on! 

They see me rollin' They hatin!

It's been a couple of weeks of college, and I'm just loving it. Studying in one of the best universities and the oldest living university in Asia, University of Santo Tomas! The first week was a little tough. New school, new people, and of course, new life. I was a bit of a loner on the first week; good thing I met awesome people! In our freshmen orientation, I got chills. The UST Yellow Jackets were teaching us UST's cheers. When the UST YJ captain was cheering "Go USTe! Go USTe! Go USTe! Go go go go GO USTE!" I got tons of chills in my body that day. I never been so happy that I am a bonafide Thomasian. (click here to see the video)

Since this is a fashion blog, I'll explain what we're wearing. It's our PE uniform for Arnis; it's the national sport of the Philippines. Basically, we have 2 sticks and we hit our opponent with it. But of course, there's a little more than that. 

Photos by: Kein Cancio

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