September 3, 2014

Yellow day

When I see yellow, I always think of the emotion happy. I love being happy (well, who doesn't? maybe sadists?) This day was Yellow Day for UST in the Arts & Letters department! Everyone knows that I am not that plain when it comes to accessorizing and matching my outfits! The logo of my shirt is KD which stands for Knock Down. I paired it with my black leather jacket to give it an edge. Skinny jeans is one of the most basic necessities in your wardrobe; it's very practical and you can wear it with anything. Make sure to work that butt so you'll look sexy. *wink To match my leather jacket, I wore black ankle boots. It is also very practical. You can wear it with pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses; but make sure that the prints match.

I'm still selling tickets for KNOCKDOWN4! Contact me if you're interested. Plus, we have a contest here in KD. Post your OOTD and hashtag #KDootn and winners will be featured in Chalk magazine & Garage magazine. God Bless!

Terranova jacket, KD shirt, RJ Jeans, M.Y ankle boots

Photos by Kein Cancio

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