December 15, 2014

Paskuhan Full Blast

Every year, University of  Santo Tomas has this event called Paskuhan; every Thomasian looks forward to this annual event. Not only Thomasians, but people from other schools as well. I didn't know what to wear at first. Knowing myself, I am a perfectionist when it comes to dressing up. It took me an entire week to put together my outfit.

I started with the basics: black v-neck shirt and denim shorts. But it wasn't enough; not to me though. To match my spunky personality, I added black stockings and leopard print jacket. I'm a simple yet edgy kind of girl. It's okay to add loud prints and daring choices, actually that's better. Speaking of daring choices, it's the same with make-up. Two words: red lipstick! And your make-up look isn't done without eyebrows. 

Remember that less is more, too! With the loud leopard print and black stockings, it's important that your accessories are only minimal. Just wear your everyday-earrings, and the optional ring.

Charlie's Angels much? Gotta love these girls! Nothing better than being with your clique, especially a fashionable one!

Tomato jacket, Forever 21 V-neck, Wrangler denim shorts, SM Department store stockings, M&Y booties

Photos by Ada Lantion and Yanna Alcira

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